Opening Your Pool

Our experienced, professional team will ensure your pool is ready for the summer!

BASIC POOL OPENINGS ($325 Taxes included)

When you choose Joel Evan Inground Pool Construction, rest assured your pool is in good hands.

pool openings

Here’s what we do:

  • Remove plugs from the skimmer & return the inlets
  • Remove light winterizing plugs & install lights
  • Install ladder &/or diving board (if equipped)
  • Replace plugs in pump and heater (if equipped)

If sand filter:

  • Re-install the drain plug, pressure gauge & sight glass
  • Re-install the backwash hose (if equipped)
  • Switch the filter head to ‘filtration’

If cartridge filter:

  • Re-install the drain plug & pressure gauge
  • Re-assemble cartridges & filter body
  • Re-fasten clamp assembly

If the pool water level is sufficient:

  • Prime pump & re-establish water circulation
  • Check the plumbing system for leaks
  • Test heater operation

If the pool needs to be topped up:

  • Test pump motor operation
  • Pump water off the tarp
  • Remove & fold up the tarp/leaf net/safety cover
  • Empty & roll up water bags

Basic pool opening $325 taxes included
Opening with safety cover $425 taxes included
Opening with leafnet $475 taxes included
Opening with winter tarp $675 taxes included
Algicide and shock $45 taxes included
Bag of salt $25 each, taxes included
Opening Chemicals $52
Salt (per bag) $18