Joel Evan Pools Services

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New Inground Pool Construction

We install world-class inground pools to make your backyard dream a reality. 

Based in Ottawa, we install pools across the National Capital Region

Complete Inground Pool Sales

A standard inground pool package typically includes the following,

  • Building permit
  • The pool excavation
  • Delivery of the pool materials to the site
  • The pump and filter system
  • Installation
  • Gravel for backfill
  • Water to fill the pool
  • Maintenance and cleaning equipment

Pool Repairs

  • Pool leak repar
  • Pool wall repair
  • Pool crack repair
  • Pool undeground pipe repair

Pool Liner replacements

  • Pool liner replacement cost
  • Inground pool liners
  • Pool liner repair
  • Pool liner material

Pool permanent closure and fill-ins

  • Inground pool demolition specialists
  • We know how to fill in an inground swimming pool
  • Experienced at filling in a swimming pool and avoiding the problems
  • Retiring and repurposing an inground swimming pool
  • Inground pool to deck conversion

Pool Maintenance