How Much Do Pools Cost? Your Guide to Swimming Pool Prices

ottawa inground pool cost

There are many factors that affect the cost of getting an inground pool installed. Our family-run company has been building pools in the Ottawa and surrounding areas for more than a decade. We run this business out of Kemptville, On. Our community has noticed substantial growth in the past few years. Our town is located just twenty-five minutes south of the city. Many young families have been moving into the Kemptville area. Parents want their kids to have fun, happy, and active lives all summer long. Although there is a public Kemptville pool that many enjoy, the best way to have your own recreation at your fingertips is to get a swimming pool installed by us in your very own backyard!

The question remains, how much will it cost us to get our inground pool installed this year by Joel Evan Pools?

We are currently running a spring special for getting your very own pool installed! Your dreams can become a reality for as low as $35,900 tax in! This pool package includes everything you need to have an amazing summer spent in your very own backyard! A heater to ensure the water temperature is to everyone’s taste, a pump to keep the water flowing smoothly, a filter, and a saltwater system to provide nice clean and clear water. The package also includes a fiberglass set of steps and a ladder for easy access into the pool. The project is finished off with a 30” broom finished concrete surround.

Call us in the office, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram. We would be happy to meet with you at your house and see if we can work together to build an amazing pool for you and your whole family to enjoy. During this meeting, we will have a look at your backyard space, and be able to discuss the potential that it has. We will also provide you with videos, pictures, informative pdf’s to get you all of the technical information you will need.

We are there to help you. Buying and installing an inground pool is a big commitment and investment into your family. As a family-run company ourselves, we can appreciate that you want to make sure you plan ahead and make the right decisions for your circumstances.

We look forward to helping you along this process and are always there to answer any and all of your questions about getting you pool installed.

Give your family the gift of a happy, healthy, and active summer spent in the sun! Let our family build your family a fantastic pool that you will enjoy for many and many summers to come.


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