Closing your Pool for the Winter

Your pool will be ready for a Canadian winter.

Pool closings ($325* Tax Included)

When you choose Joel Evan Inground Pool Construction, rest assured your pool is in good hands.

closing inground pool for winter canada

Here’s what we do:

  • Pump out pool water to 1” below return inlets
  • Blow out water lines, pump, filter & heater
  • Remove lights, place them on deck & install winterizing plugs (if equipped)
  • Remove ladder &/or diving board (if equipped)
  • Remove plugs in pump and heater (if equipped)
  • Add 4l plumbing antifreeze to inlets & skimmer
  • Install winterizing plugs in inlets & skimmer

If sand filter:

  • Remove the drain plug, pressure gauge & sight glass
  • Remove backwash hose (if equipped)
  • Switch filter head to ‘winter.’

If cartridge filter:

  • Remove drain plug & pressure gauge
  • Remove cartridges from filter body
  • Re-fasten clamp assembly

Basic Pool Closing (No Cover) $325 taxes in
Pool closing with Safety Cover OR leaf-net $400 taxes in
Pool closing with Winter Tarp $425 taxes in